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Recruiter first job board software! Developed for hr managers, having as topmost piority - customizable and valuable features at an affordable pricing.

Welcome to the World of Automated Recruitment Processing!

As an HR manager, sorting through CVs manually can be draining and time consuming. A recruitment value-based software and ATS integrated site does a lot in making your job easier and faster. Create a custom career page that can assist you to track, manage and analyze advertised positions by your company and applicants’ profile in easy steps.

  • No Installation, coding or servers required

  • Highly customizable -custom logo, custom domain name, custome themes etc

  • Seamless integration with existing website

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Awesome Design & Great Functionalities

Lauch your beautifully designed careers page with the following great functionalities

  • Branded Careers Page

    Introduce your company to jobseekers with a beautifully designed and customizable careers page.

  • Job Advert Posting

    An intuitive interface to post and manage job adverts.

  • Job Advert Details

    A simple and elegant view of job vacancy details and application form.

  • Job Summary

    Easily track job seekers profile and applications.

Branded Careers Page

Job Advert Posting

Job Advert Details

Job Summary

Key Features

Built for Recruiters!

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